6 Feb 2015

Nikola Tesla 11

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Nikola Tesla 11

Nikola Tesla 11

Family name was originally Draghici, but he was replaced in time by the nickname of Tesla transmitted by job family, carpenter (craftsmen). Nicu's father Tesla (Tesla) also had a brother, Joseph military career after graduating officers who taught mathematics in various military schools that eventually reach a professor at the Vienna Academy of War. Tesla's father initially he military school student, she quickly changed the profession, going to seminary, becoming an Orthodox priest in 1845, when he married Piggy. The church originally served the father was in the village Similan Tesla, at the foot of Velebit, covered with forests of oak, beech and horn Lica in the province, centered in Gospic, where he was transferred and father.
Henri Coanda presents the great inventor Tesla as the Serbian Banat Romanian Banat, but the reality was that his friend Nicholas was Istro-Roman Croatia. Lica province was inhabited compact Morlaca Istro-Romanians, since sec. Fifteenth and sixteenth. Gospic is located a few miles from the shores of the Adriatic Sea and the Similan village 12 km from Gospic, the village being the homeland of Tesla, Tesla, Tesla.

Priest, religious man, was interested mainly literature, philosophy, natural sciences and mathematics. Trying desnationalizare Morlaca gathered under the banner of the Orthodox Church.
Tesla's mother, Piggy Mandici, Romance and her by name, remained - a child - an orphan, and had to deal with the six younger brothers. His father refused to send her to a school in a foreign language, but completed his self-taught student culture as her husband. The priest's house is tight as we saw above, a vast library of various fields, more scientific. Piggy was famous because they make beautiful embroidery.
Tesla had a brother, Dan, who died young in an accident, and three sisters: Angelina, Milica and Marita, the youngest of whom he loved most.
About Tesla family might tell more.

Nicholas, inventor, and was educated at the Polytechnic of Karlovac and Graz (1875-1881). He begins the famous discoveries and inventions since 1881-1882 in Graz, Budapest, Paris, in the Edison Company (1882), Strasbourg (1884), after which starts staunchest American odyssey.
When you say Nicholas Tesla (1856-1943), think about Istro-novel became an American citizen, scientist and inventor in the field of electro and radiotehnicii prolific discoverer rotating magnetic field (Galileo Ferraris simultaneously Italian, 1847-1897). He also invented two-phase system of alternating current and high frequency current study. He built the first two-phase asynchronous motors, electric generators, electric high frequency transformer etc.
In atomistic, fission of atomic nuclei investigated by using high voltage electrostatic generator. We Romans, I forgot to commemorate 140 years since the birth, when Tesla was mentioned only in a brief communication for 15 minutes at the Academy of prof. N. Leonăchescu.
Invention phenomenon "rotating electric field" is born in 1882 in Budapest, but immediately, based on a recommendation, Tesla went to Paris, where he is employed to "Continental Edison." Here, change dinamo-car Edison. In the same company, builds power plant Strasbourg. Although i had promised $ 25,000 to end the difficult work was frustrated gratification. One of Edison's assistants, Charles Bechelore, proposes to emigrate to America and give him a personal letter of recommendation for Edison (1884).
After some adventures (i have stolen money in Le Havre station) addresses the shipowner, who understand the situation (ticket and place it belongs, being nominated), and on-board document is received and thus no ticket, come to New York, where present at Edison. It got cold and hardship, but based on written recommendation, the company is engaged in workshops as an engineer-electrician to repair Moto-ers and DC generators Edison.