16 Feb 2015

Tips You Could Use While Playing ‘The Last Of Us’ On PlayStation 4

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Tips You Could Use While Playing ‘The Last Of Us’ On PlayStation 4
The Last of Us: Remastered is one of the best looking games in recent times. It has an excellent story. The narrative is very well crafted and the visuals are simply amazing, for a game that is. The game itself is pretty simple. You have to keep yourself alive and you should keep progressing. There is some combat and several abstract elements such as the upgrade trees and the crafting system, but there isn’t something that you would be completely flummoxed with. However, a few tips or tricks can certainly help you to enhance your experience of playing The Last Of Us on PlayStation 4.

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Here are some tips you could use while playing The Last Of Us on PlayStation 4.
• You should always begin a game with its normal settings or at the beginner difficulty level, unless you are trying a simple game akin to the first Mario. With The Last Of Us, you should try the game at difficulty level: hard. The normal level is good enough and also considerably challenging but the hard level is mind-blowing.
• Challenging games will almost always have certain phases or situations wherefrom there is no fleeing and overcoming the challenge is a very daunting task. In this game too, you would come across such situations, one of which would be at the very onset. Don’t get frustrated. Stick to the rule of running consistently and outrunning the zombies but also consider targeting them one at a time. Don’t think of facing them all at once and certainly don’t allow yourself to get cornered.

• The Last of Us has great emphasis on fleeing or running. You need to outrun those infected. One good thing about this game is that even if those infected spot you, there is no need to panic as you can outrun them or fight them. It is not a game of hide and seek as was the case with some other games in the past where if you are spotted then you have nothing else to do.
• The game had a problem with its auto-save feature. You should consider manual saves just to be sure.
• The game’s primary purpose is to run to save the lives of Ellie and Joel. But the game would be incomplete, rather your experience would be incomplete if you don’t get into the open rooms you would come across while running. First, these rooms contain useful stuff. Second, the conversations of Joel and Ellie in these rooms would offer you an amazing narrative.

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