7 Dec 2015

Fifa 16

Submitted by tipsuser

Being highly anticipated gaming market, FIFA 16 comes with many changes of perspective and performance than FIFA 15. However precent FIFA 16 will be preferred girls and boys not only because the game contains between now and female teams. FIFA 16 will create a revolution around now among the fans because the fans will be even drier. The game principle remains the same, namely, to win an international championship with either a male or female team. FIFA 16 can be downloaded for different versions.

These versions to download and install mobile smartphone devices fall into the following operating systems Windows Phone, iOS, Android and PC devices for games and activities such as PS3, PS4, Xbox. Being a football game that attracts fans, FIFA 16 was thought to add something in the game, namely SIS girls teams to reward each winner with trophies and points. Besides the winners will be able to make faster players to win the match and the points obtained will be able to buy stadiums us, quality balls and other equipment. You would not think, but now stadiums, balls, and equipment will be of great importance in terms of winning matches.

Ball will help in forming dexterity players such as World Championships and international ball will cause players to use certain schemes percent game when the gate speed will be much larger than the other balls used in friendly matches. The most important acquisition will be playing stadiums, because the stadium is developed and supporters will fit into a larger number, you will notice that the team has several special occasions. The equipment will have a role very important because you conclude contracts based on matches this means money. All these components are required in Fifa 16 manager mode is in the game.

Manager mode is found in almost all FIFA games so far but each is different. FIFA 16 lets you choose the male or female EHIP that you start the championship. Moreover you can create your own team to what players want, with the best players so you can win the match easily and you will advance more quickly toward winning World Cups and international titles. FIFA 16 is a game different from those so far and that the inventors were going to introduce elements that would be useful advantage to any player, such as whether you its acquisition wrong player you can sell it back and you will recover the money very easy to then take the player that you want. It is the most important element, because most players make mistakes Fifa. When you do not want to use the manager mode you can play a singles match between your two teams that you choose. After choosing teams must choose how they want to play on the ground may you control only one player from the team or the whole team.

The beauty of this mode is to guide your captain, if you do this you can change the position players on the field even change the format eg 5-3-2, 4-4-2. FIFA 16 now allow coaches to be in the pictures even his surprise and to give indications heard. Today is where it should be on the ground with as previous versions of FIFA where he is hitting the ball, or sometimes never sees the field. FIFA 16 will revolutionize the graphics and game not only because it comes with an automatic system that adapts to your system so that it move better and provide a feeling of playing without jerky or will lag. Color used are vivid without being erased or blurred now water droplets flowing on the ground have completely different form that you create sentatia that you are on the pitch. Fifa 16 thus contribute to an exceptional place in international rankings.