5 Jan 2016

iPhone 7

Submitted by tipsuser

The long awaited all international markets iphone 7 must lure back fans all qualities and niceties that you have. From now on iPhone uses force to achieve strong touch or even touching. Force touch capture technology that was created and is working with 3D touch. Iphone 7 is the first Smartphone that comes to market with a new 3D touch system. Previous Iphone 6s 3D content with a touch weaker accuracy and does not work as well as in iphone 7 because it accesses a wider range of applications. Iphone Iphone 7 plus 7 and have a design similar to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, but slightly thinner.

Because it is during the tests the new smartphone may surprise the incredibly large storage capacity is producing up to 1TB models. This leads us to a future where there is no problem of storage capacity. Apple phones still make good quality and our astonishment even long. The first types of iphone are still on the market even those that are in good condition are sold at very high prices.

The operating system used on the iPhone iOS 7 starts at 10.0 and ends as older models require new systems. IOS 10.0 comes with new applications mainly used only for Iphone July and runs flawlessly on this system. The screen uses retina display technology but uses more vivid 3d running now. This screen allows to you to sit for hours in front of you and not tired eyes. Unlocking and locking changed and to give them an extra touch technology through, and then to put your finger anywhere on the screen and it will unlock. Lock comes with a very powerful system that when you enter in your pocket, it detects and automatically blocks textile material, without the need for the lock button.

The settings are arranged very orderly and very quickly you can find and see if they can give search and find them immediately. IPhone's battery 7 now comes in an expanded format with more power, and is 3000mAh, meaning that autonomy increases with a few extra hours than the iPhone 6 S plus. From now on Iphone 7 implemented a charging system via Wi-Fi. This charging system contains a mini Apple device that connects to a WiFi network from a router and restores energy to recharge. You can keep the phone at a maximum distance of one meter for it to load.

Charging time for iphone iphone 7 and 7 is 45 minutes plus any system you use. To protect the battery and charging more for a sustainable must not allow the battery to discharge below 20% when Charge is well not be charged 100% because it may decrease battery life.

Camera which has seven Iphone is 20sqm and in front of 8MB puntand says it is the first time that Apple is investing in picture quality with plenty of options. One option is called ultra slow motion is spectacular even can adjust the intensity of his playing. Both cameras with autofocus shooting and optimizes 4k colors depending on high or low light.

Front camera has flash to create the best possible images in low light and for users who use self camera shots that will be part of a portrait complete, you can now give the front camera zoom. Iphone 7 is a next generation smartphone manufactured in California and assembled in China with a futuristic design that expresses man's creative technology and Apple logo will always be a good choice. Apple respects its customers for choosing orcarui Apple device. For logos that offers gift smartphonuri covers.