20 Apr 2016

Pharmaceutical Technology

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It aims pharmaceutical technology formulation, preparation and quality assurance of medicines in both the dispensary and in industry. Notions of biopharmacy and pharmacokinetics allow understanding the evolution of drug substance in the body after administration and how it can be influenced by the formulation and product development.
Team of the department coordinates the master's degree program, lasting one year, modern pharmaceutical forms, addressing graduates of faculties of pharmacy, medicine, chemistry or biology, interested in deepening knowledge in the formulation and preparation of modern drugs.
In the doctoral program, students are prepared to obtain the title of Doctor of Medical Sciences, Pharmacy field research topics is oriented study release pharmaceutical forms amended and evaluate the pharmacokinetics of drug substances.

The research directions of the discipline are:
Pharmaceutical -Tehnologie: preformulation, formulation, preparation and evaluation of drug release modified, extended or controlled; Development of analytical methods for the characterization of pharmaceutical forms;
-Biofarmacie: Bioavailability and Bioequivalence Determination drugs; Development and use of methods (bio) analytical determination of active molecules in various matrices;
-Farmacocinetică Pharmacokinetics experimental and clinical pharmacokinetics;
-Vectorizarea Drugs: formulation, preparation and evaluation systems for transport multiparticulate target: microspheres, nanoparticles, liposomes.
Discipline has laboratories equipped with modern equipment and instruments, performing specific research areas mentioned.

Team of the department, consisting of young teachers and competent in charge of training in the field of pharmaceutical technology to students in the III and IV of the Faculty of Pharmacy (semesters V-VIII) and second year of specialization Assistance pharmacy (semesters III - IV). Also in practical work and discipline are supported during Biopharmacy (1 semester), foreign pharmaceutical Propedeutic year students (semester) and optional course Introduction to pharmaceutical terminology in the second year (third semester). In addition, teachers in charge of discipline and organization and evaluating pharmaceutical practice (summer practice / internship) of students in the I - V.

Pharmaceutical technology, called Traditional Pharmacy Galenical, discipline is the basis for forming pharmacist, regardless of the field in which they will operate.

In classic fashion, Pharmacy Galenical is defined as "the science and art of preparation, preservation and presentation of the drug." Currently it is considered that pharmaceutical technology is complex science that studies the theory and practice on the formulation, preparation / processing, storage, release and quality assessment of pharmaceutical systems failure and transport of drug substances.

The main objective of pharmaceutical technologies is to find for each drug substance (active ingredient) presentation best suited for the treatment of diseases caused because the administration of a drug substance is required pharmaceutical system to a vehicle and to give the appropriate amount at the site of action. To achieve this objective are necessary theoretical and practical knowledge on notions of order physicochemical factors, technological, pharmaceutical and biological involved in the design, formulation, preparation and control of drugs in pharmacy and industry. A pharmaceutical technology explains the methods of preparing the dosage forms on the basis of each information multilateral linking the formulation, preparation and the therapeutic action of the drug.