20 May 2016

Social Media

Submitted by tipsuser

Hello dear friends today talk about social applications that are used most by people. These are the most used applications on existing operating systems that allow you to talk to send pictures, videos and more. I use mostly skip that sets it apart from other programs by video conversations. Skip does not lag when you use unlike Facebook which you can not really wear a video conversation.

These applications have been designed to conversations from a distance and for life to be a little more fun. He spoke with many friends and said that these social applications started to become dependent. Most used worldwide are Snapchat, Facebook and Whatsapp. Snapchat is used more on the American continent is simpler to use just need to add photos or written converse with friends. Because Snapchat app has a very simple platform that an amended hackers and created Snapchat hack that has more functions.
Snapchat Hack

The first function of Snapchat hack is that you can change and resolution so as to beautify the picture. Another function is that you can find out if you have lost your account or account of another person that you wish to your photos and videos. Always use Snapchat Hack that allows me to do some change of photos and videos to impress your friends. These social applications are especially popular facebook. Whatsapp is a faster method to converse but does not let you display photos or videos, you can just send them to friends.

Increasingly more voices Facebook announces decline since it reached a peak of use and the researchers say that the application will depopulate soon. It has happened before, with social networks like Hi5 or MySpace who have had a very unpleasant phenomenon. The star of the moment seems to be now Snapchat, the network that lets you send messages with a lifespan of 10-15 seconds, without the fear that someone will ever see pictures or videos who knows what the compromising.
Snapchat is available for both iOS and Android.

Creator network, Evan Spiegel, announced in September, on Snapchat is sending out more than 350 million images and videos snap sites ephemeral. It looks phenomenal growth rate since June, on the same network, it was only sent 200 million messages a day. For this reason many attempts to modify application Snapchat still as possible, as said above you about Snapchat Hack. The figures are all the more surprising as Facebook reported 350 million photos uploaded daily from an audience of over 1 billion users. And the 150 million users of Instagram climb approximately 50 million photos every day.

The expected report came from Snapchat will be the one for November, or December at the latest, when the network's Evan Spiegel will surpass Facebook, Instagram and Flickr in one place, in terms of the number of pictures.

Given that Facebook wants to buy everything from fashion as he did to Instagram, it's no wonder why Zuckerberg jumped to an offer of $ 3 billion for Snapchat, and Google would have increased the stake to 4 billion Of euro. Facebook try a very good method of buying all social applications to accumulate their mother facebook application.