16 Oct 2016

A new virus called "Pokemon Go Guide"

Submitted by tipsuser

Some time ago, nearly 500,000 Android users have been infected with a new virus into application Pokemon Go Guide. Hackers have tried using the new game to infest more players. Kaspersky Lab was the first who discover this virus. After a more thorough scan, they managed to overthrow and helped all users who were infected phones. The aim of this virus was entering the mobile users and take control over them. Developing virus was great because it was very difficult to detect.

A virus, in the strict sense of term, is a program that once penetrated the device is attached generally executable files; when there are opened, the virus also spreads to other files. Although there are some viruses create just to spread, simply, without other consequences, almost always wearing viruses and guidelines aimed to modify files in the infected computer. A Trojan is a malware program created to collect information and control the victim device.

Trojan once found in the device, launches and uses data creator configurations. All backdoor trojan connects through a particular port device attack. Trojan is a malicious program disguised as peaceful or even desirable one (You know the story of the Trojan horse of Greek mythology: the war with Troy, The Greeks, on the advice of Ulysses, they built a huge wooden horse that left in front of Troy; without thinking too much, its inhabitants, excited, they went to the city; nightfall came from the horse’s belly Greek warrior, who have slaughtered everyone in town and so was conquered Troy). A trojan is presented as a harmless file and interesting, tempting it the user to download from the internet, then, like the Grreks, emerges danger: evil software can delete documents or install other harmful programs.

Malware evolving, becoming more sophisticated, harder to detect and removed. In the same ritm, develops protection systems designed to protect computers from intrusions and attacks. It is a kind of arms race dramatic and significant stakes in a world shaped and dominated largely by computers and the internet. Each virus identify themselves in general to avoid infecting the same file multiple times. ID recognized by the virus means this object is infected, do not infect again.

The controversial issuu of computer virus was born the idea that any virus can be countered, that discovery and annihilated. However, there are programmers who calm that can build viruses that can not be detected and destroyed. Is the case of a group of Polish programmers announced on the internet a few years ago, that they can build such weapons unbeatable. Their program, well – tuned, contained some interesting ideas that, if it were brought to an end probably would have given much trouble for internet users.
And so, Pokemon Go users were infected with the virus and use pokemon go hack to defend virus. No wonder they fell easy prey to the virus; they needed a big game guide. The virus was not likely to spread, nor likely to survive a lot. Immediate steps were taken to remove.